Weekly 2020

Tai Chi Flow

9:30 am

We guide you through the steps to achieve mindfulness of body, soul, and mind. Research shows that tai chi can help people dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms and chronic pain. It is also documented that it can reduce stress anxiety, improve balance, flexibility and muscle strength, and improve cardiovascular fitness in older adults. It can be described as "meditation in motion" uniting the body and mind with its slow gentle movements.

Cost: Prices are $ 6.00 per class. 8 classes $40.00 for MCA Members. 8 classes $45.00 for non- members. New Students get 2 free trial classes.

Instructors: Karen Schreiber and Annette Eccles



Karen Schreiber

Saturdays 2020

Breakfast Club

10:00 am

Instructor: Sharon Kaplan

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Sharon Kaplan

Sundays 2020

Zumba with Brenna

9:00 am

Where: Upstairs at The Market House

When: Sundays at 11 AM

Cost: $5 per class NO SIGN-UP REQUIRED.

Just show up ready to move :) Looking for both fun and fitness? Zumba is a high-energy, dance-inspired workout that is great for both physical and mental health! It uses popular contemporary music (that you’re always welcome to sing along to), as well as some traditional Latin rhythms. Zumba is great cardio exercise, but more than than, it is a great social experience. This class welcomes and celebrates people of all ages, genders, stories and skill-levels. It strives to not only be a fitness program, but an empowering community. As long as you keep moving and having fun, you’re doing Zumba right!